Dear users/contractors,

In view of the emergency situation in Republic of Bulgaria – pandemic - COVID-19 and the measures taken and the solutions to prevent the reduction of the infection, there will be inconvenience in every field and organizational structure in the country.

In view of the situation and increasing interest in working from home – „home office“ – remote access to work, „BISOFT“ LTD is available to create one with ready-made technical solutions if you are experiencing difficulties in the IT sector and a number of benefits regarding:

  • Troubleshoot computer and computer systems issues, as well as a number of other IT related issues;
  • Access to an office computer at any time;
  • Home office computer with access to information systems;
  • Calm working in emergency period;
  • Minimizing the chances of stagnation for your business;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Using the comfort of home;
  • Avoiding the standard work routine;
  • Guaranteed system and data security;

„BISOFT“ LTD, offers free telephone consultations related to case studies, professional and qualified remote assistance.

Our company could provide you with the necessary peace of mind for your business. Our specialists will set up your office with maximum speed and will be at your disposal in case of problems.