Corporate profile and identity

BiSoft Ltd. uses the global approach in computing and software development by meeting its customers’ numerous requirements, providing optimal software and hardware solutions for better business operations organization. We offer quality and reliable applications, software technology innovations, comprehensive business solutions, maximum functionality and security of the proposed solutions and systems developed as a result of a duly certified expert labor.

The main focus of the company operations is the creation of effective Internet solutions. The main directions of our operations are: Web applications development, e-commerce applications development, development of systems for business management of medium and large enterprises and state and municipal authorities and their subordinate administrations, specialized hardware devices operation and management software development, Internet advertising, mobile applications, technical support and consulting.

The company strives to maintain a balance between projects and commitments in both the public and the corporate field, maintaining impeccable level of professional specialization, in order to create unique systems and their ongoing innovation, according to the corporate development requirements and the needs of public authorities and administrations to implement all available achievements, standards and directives.

Legal Aid and Public Defense software systems

The LEGAL AID software system and the PUBLIC DEFENSE software system in their interaction, communication and integrity, provide the mechanism of legal aid action in Bulgaria, according to the concept of legal aid enshrined in the Legal Aid Act. Over the past nine years BiSoft Ltd. has developed, innovated and maintained unique LEGAL AID and PUBLIC DEFENSE software systems, in accordance with the powers of the Bar Councils and the National Legal Aid Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, set out in the Legal Aid Act and according to the Public Defense provision terms and conditions imposed by that Act (procedural, internal). The functionalities, architecture, design and other specific features of these two software systems have been designed to provide legal and proper, continuous operation of the mechanisms of legal aid within the Republic of Bulgaria. At present, the PUBLIC DEFENSE software system is installed and integrated into 18 (eighteen) bar associations in the country, namely: Bar of Sofia , Plovdiv , Varna , Ruse , Stara Zagora , Pleven , Shumen , Blagoevgrad , Lovech , Dobrich , Pazardzhik , Vratsa , Haskovo , Targovishte , Smolyan , Kardzhali , Vidin , Sliven. . Activities involving the inclusion of the remaining Bar associations continue. A Communication Module has also been developed with the system – functionality, which jointly with the SAS Court Registry of Information Services AD enable the electronic exchange of data between the integrated institution and the relevant Bar Association. At present, the Communication Module functions on the territory of Plovdiv, Varna and Dobrich but it is intended to be integrated in other regions of the state.

References execution due diligence

In its operations, the company constantly works with due diligence and good faith and is a conscientious participant in civic and commercial interactions. The company has a good name and reputation in the field of its specialized operations.

References of satisfied customers of the Company can be found in the REFERENCES section on our website.


BiSoft Ltd. successfully passed a certification audit procedure and received an ISO 9001:2008 certificate, which international standard sets out the requirements for the development and implementation of an effective quality management system. The Company strictly applies and follows the requirements stipulated in the standard.

Basic software systems developed by the company:

  • A specialized software system for companies offering aid to people with disabilities – VMEDICARE.
  • A specialized software system for management of companies, markets, vegetable markets – VMARKET.
  • A construction business management system – software which provides complete business management solutions and assists companies in the construction industry.
  • A management system for companies with core business operations such as: distribution and supply of mineral and table water – a software product which provides an integrated system of organization and business management, fully consistent with the requirements of the industry.
  • A restaurants management system – software for management, control, analysis of restaurant, pizzeria, pub, tavern. The system is secured and provides data protection, stability, and possibility to work with large volumes of information.
  • A fodder plant management system – this system meets all the resource planning requirements and the manufacturing processes management and analysis. The system is customer friendly, available for purchase, and requires low maintenance costs.
  • A software system for reporting the weights measured by a vehicle digital scale – this system is integrated in a landfill and is software for the management and control of waste delivered by the landfill customers. The system is of guaranteed stability and is capable of processing large amounts of data.
  • A warehousing management system – a web-based warehousing and information management system that allows the tracking of goods, suppliers, customers, revenues, and costs in an unlimited number of warehouses. The system works through a web browser which allows operation in both LAN and remote work over the Internet.
  • A specialized system for management of the Bars in Bulgaria. The software system is provided with a portal through which the lawyers of a particular Bar association can have access to data.
  • A specialized system for the Bars in Bulgaria serving the Legal Aid Act. The software system contains a module, which significantly increases the speed of work, ensures security of transmission of documents and data between the users of the system, and between the respective court instance and Bar. The software system is provided with a portal through which public defenders of a specific Bar Association have access to data.
  • A NATIONAL LEGAL AID BUREAU specialized system, under the LEGAL AID ACT, implemented nationwide.
  • A specialized distribution system for a company in the field of fiscal devices sales.
  • A developed application for organization of payments to employees.
  • A specialized system that facilitates sending large numbers of SMS messages to certain groups predefined by the customer.
  • A forwarding and shipping management system (transport exchange). The system offers solutions for transport, shipping and commercial companies by maintaining high level of confidentiality. It facilitates work and ensures security for both the cargo and the vehicles.
  • A working hours and access control system, with security as top priority.
  • A specialized software system for customs documents processing – BIMIS.